Luxury outdoor patios


Do you wish your garden or patio area was summer ready, that you, your family, and friends could relax outside in the sunshine after a BBQ? Here at Gladstone Paving Ltd we specialise in transforming that wasted back garden or outdoor space into an incredible place for you to enjoy the sunshine.
An outdoor patio is the perfect way of showcasing the exterior of your home and it offers the best means of putting your unique style signature to good use. When done right, your home’s outdoor patio is your best chance of bringing your vision of paradise to life in your home. Patios are an important aspect of every home, and as such patios are becoming more luxurious and larger. Little wonder that patios are becoming a hub of various activities which are often geared towards relaxing and entertaining.

A stunning luxury patio can even add value to your home, so it is imperative that you maximise the area and enhance it in the best way possible. We can help by working with you to finding and design your own new patio, guiding you through the whole process.
We have a wide variety of colours, designs, and options so are sure to find the perfect choice for you whether it be block paving, slabbing, or even resin bound.

There are varieties of patio designs and materials to achieve any desired design are available out there. Patios provide the core foundation for every home’s outdoor space, so a well-designed patio will add additional living space to your home, and do more to the resale value of your property. It is paramount to know that outdoor patio need to be well constructed, to be durable, as well as attractive.

Looking for outstanding luxury outdoor patio ideas, or do you have patio plans on your agenda, Gladstone Paving Ltd is the right place. Whether you want to renovate your patio or looking to build a new patio, we have great and exceptional patio design ideas with practical decorating tips that will help you achieve a perfect luxury outdoor patio.

Your outdoor space should be captivating and look great, but besides all the beauty aspects, it should also be functional as much as possible. As a professional landscape designer, Gladstone Paving Ltd will be available to help you determine the best size, shape and style of patio that will best suits your home and needs.

A patio is the outdoor living room and dining area of every home, and as such should provide optimum comfort and guile and should be enjoyed by family and friends alike. Patios should be designed with the same standard that is applied to indoor living room. You can achieve your dream design if you can invest little finance in creating a luxury outdoor patio turning your outdoor space into a new and captivating level of leisure and class.

Are you based in Epsom and looking for the perfect luxury patio? Get in touch with Gladstone Paving Ltd today so we can get the ball rolling.