Tarmac Driveways


Tarmac / bitmac and asphalt have become popular with residential property owners in Epsom, as it is a tasteful alternative to a concrete driveway. Tarmac / Bitmac is a popular hard-wearing surface for driveways of course, along with other areas that might need to take the weight of a vehicle or see a lot of use, such as forecourts, car parks, roads, pavements, or paths.


Tarmac, short for Tarmacadam is produced by coating a layer of crushed stones with tar, the use of the word tar in the name relates to a black viscous material derived from coal. Once combined these materials will create a durable surface, over which a top coat can also be added to improve grip and resistance to water. Tarmac driveways have gained popularity over the years. Tarmac has a hard wearing nature which makes it very suitable for heavy traffic areas.


Bitmac is fairly similar to Tarmac, with one big difference, which is replacing the tar (from the tarmacadam process with bitumen). This newer surface solution is even more similar to asphalt, which is made with a blend of aggregates combined with bitumen to bond them together. It should be noted that bitmac does contains more sand and filler in comparison to Asphalt.


Asphalt is mostly a large area coverage surfacing solution, as it can be reasonably economical in this regard, hence why it is often used for roads. For smaller drives and other areas Gladstone Paving Ltd would not recommend it as it can be an expensive option. There are, however, some benefits to using Asphalt.



Asphalt is harder wearing than bitmac or tarmac, but is less resistant to scuffing from car tyres. Asphalt is also resistant to bad weather and in conjunction with this also requires less maintenance over time.


Another big plus with asphalts, in the modern age, is that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly, because old surfaces can be reclaimed and reused. Be aware not to confuse Asphalt with concrete Asphalt which is a different solution all-together, and one we do not recommend.
There are a lot of tarmac, bitmac or asphalt Installation Companies out there to choose from, many among them promise what they can’t achieve, but we at Gladstone Paving Ltd pride ourselves as one of the best. As it is advisable to view a portfolio of work done by any company and talk to past customers of a company, you can take a look at our past projects and also see what our clients have to say about the quality of our tarmac, bitmac and asphalt driveway service. Our jobs have stood the test of time; we understand this very well and offer our best service to our customers.

Living in Espom and looking for the perfect tarmac / bitmac driveway or area for your home? Please contact Gladstone Paving Ltd to discuss your options and get a quote today, we look forward to working with you.